Your Life Is About The Journey

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Your Life Is ALL About The Journey

So often I hear people say, “ I will be happy when I get a new job, I will be happy when I move, I will be happy when I find the right partner, I will be happy when…..

Today I offer you something to consider. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. So it stands to reason that it is most important to choose to be happy all along your journey not just when you “get there,” and not just when things are going the way that you think that they should.

Your life is made up of your daily journey. The good times and the challenging times. Everything, and I do mean everything that has happened to you has made you the wondrous, glorious, lovely, delightful, magnificent, person that you are today. Each moment that we are alive creates our life. So I ask you are you allowing yourself to be happy most of the time? If your answer is yes, then kudos to you! You “get it” you get that like attracts like. However, if your answer is no, perhaps it is time to make some changes. Perhaps it is time to consider that you are more in control of your life than you might think. You have complete control over how you choose to feel at all times.

Once you make a choice to be happy all along your journey, the Universe will open up to you and supply you with more things to be happy about. It is the law, the law of attraction and it works EVERY time. We get what we think about and how we feel about things no matter if we want it or not.

Now before I get lots of emails, I know that sometimes it is hard to be happy when you don’t feel well or when you think things are not going your way. However, it is when life is the most challenging is is most important to find some joy in it. Find some small nugget to grab onto in your life. Some small nugget that will bring a little light into your life. Some thought that will make you feel just a little better. Once that thought starts helping you to feel better keep reaching for the next better thought, and the next better thought. This will bring you higher and higher until happiness breaks through like the morning sunrise peaking through the clouds.

Happiness is always a choice. You always have the choice to see the good, the “God” if you will, in everything.

Make the choice today to allow the light in. Make a choice to be happy even when you think that things aren’t perfect. Find the spark and watch the spark turn into a raging, all-consuming flame of happiness. You, my friend, are a Divine being having a human experience. Allow your inner light to shine. You are special; you are loved beyond all imagination. Your super power is the gift of choice. You ALWAYS have a choice. So choose to enjoy your journey each day.

arol A. Briney is an international speaker, author, and #1-rated podcast host. She joyfully resides in Pittsburgh, Pa. USA. //

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  1. Although our last names are identical, I am in no way related to Carol A. Briney. However, I can testify to her writings, inspiration, beliefs and expressed attitude toward life’s journey. Your personal happiness in your life is simply your choice. There is only one person who can determine your fate and that is your “God” and one person who can determine your choice in life’s happiness and that is you!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration you have given myself and so many others, through you writings! At a few points in my life, I felt like it was personally “the end” of my life, as I knew it! However, after reading your “Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities: A Handbook For Life”, truly makes one realize, that there is so much more to life and everyone’s possibilities are endless. Live life as everyone is meant to live it, never say never and always remember that your possibilities are in fact, unlimited!

    Comment by John Briney — November 1, 2016 @ 2:29 pm

  2. Thank you John Briney, for you kind words. I am so happy that I was able to help you in a small way. Wishing you the absolutely best!

    Comment by carol — November 1, 2016 @ 2:54 pm

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