Carol Briney

“People do not need to be rescued, fixed or saved. What they need is knowledge of their own personal power and how to access it.”     ~ Carol A. Briney

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Carol’s keynotes, short programs, half-day events or breakout sessions are ideal for Business Conferences, Woman’s Organizations, and Retreats. She is also available for group mentoring, and one-on-one mentoring.

Carol has combined her 30-plus years of business experience with her many years of Spiritual study to create a unique blend of Spiritual Prosperity. Her passion is to help people to transform from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY.

Carol uses the following criteria to encourage people to grow into the best possible version of themselves.

  • Understand what your values are and learn to live according to them.
  • Learn to make the best use of your time.
  • Get control over your “stuff.” Organize your surroundings.
  • Make peace with your finances.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Make the time to create memories.
  • Learn to live mindfully.
  • Fully Connect with your Divine self.

Carol shares life-changing information and empowers people to find their personal power by using their inner guidance. Carol teaches how the law of attraction, your intentions, your thoughts, and feelings create your life.

Carol has a sincere desire to help people to unlock their personal and spiritual potential. Her talks enhance, uplift, and empower her audiences.

Carol’s personal philosophy is that we are all on this planet to live joyously and shine our individual lights brightly and by doing so we automatically make this world a better place.

Carol A. Briney is an International Motivational Speaker, Author, and #1-Rated Podcast Host.

She resides in Pittsburgh, Pa.

You will never know how many people you may help and inspire just by daring to be you!”

~ Carol A. Briney

If you are ready for a speaker, who will not only touch the hearts and souls of your audience but will also empower them to move from ordinary to extraordinary.  Book Carol to speak at your next event.

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A Few Of Carol’s Clients

Clients who booked inspirational speaker Carol A Briney said that their audience loved her.
“Carol is a master at explaining complex subjects so that everyone can understand.”

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