What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You?

Money Photo_001What Is Financial Freedom?

There are as many idea as to what financial freedom looks like as there are routes to get there. Everyone is different. Each person has a different mindset and beliefs about money. These beliefs were created by how we were raised, where we lived, and what struggles our families dealt with during that time.

Even though, we might not want to admit it how we grew up creates the foundation for our financial beliefs now. These beliefs will perpetuate for better or worse unless we make some intentional changes.

Ask yourself, what were you taught about money as a child?

Did your parents struggle with money?

Was there always more month then pay check?

How important was money?

Did your family live in abundance or scarcity thinking?

Did anyone take the time to teach you how to handle money?

Give some thought to how your families finances impact your adult life. What decisions have you made around money? Did you go or not go to college? Did you choose a particular job, even though you are not happy with it, just for the money? Did you marry a certain person for money? What does your savings or debt look like now? Most likely all of your decisions about money today come from what you learned as a child.

Once you answer these questions and take some time to think about how you feel about money you begin to see some patterns evolving. Did you rebel against your parents ideals? Did you follow in their footsteps? Or, did you create your own path somewhere in between?

No matter what the past has held for you today, you can make the decision to change if you choose to. Take some time to write out what financial freedom means to you. What exactly do you need to be, do or have in order for you to feel successful in this area of your life? Do you need millions? Do you need to be absolute debt free? Do you need to live minimally? What is it that would bring you joy?

Life holds infinite possibilities for you. Starting today ask yourself what is it that I really want?

What do I value in life? Once you make the determination of what financial freedom means to you then it is up to you to create a plan that will help you to reach your goals.

We live in an abundant universe. There is more out there than we could all possibile use. If financial freedom is your goal, it is time to change your thinking from “I can’t” and “it won’t happen for me” to an affirmation of abundance. A true knowing that whatever you want is available if you are willing to allow it into your life with your thoughts and actions.

Carol A. Briney

Speaker, Author, The CEO Of Unlimited Possibilities and The Founder Of Carol A. Briney International.


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