What Do You Believe? – By Carol A Briney, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Trainer, Author

I had the privileged to speak at a large convention last week, and after I was finished, I had two people come up to me at separate times, and each of them started their conversation with “I loved what you had to say, Carol. It made so much sense for other people, but it just will not work for me.” Of course, my question was why won’t it work for you and both of them explained, one in painfully long detail why what I said would not possibly ever work for them.

My first thought was how silly we all are when we argue for our limitations. We all do it at one time or another, but when you think about it, it just does not make sense. You pay to hear people talk, buy their books, go to classes, and even have them mentor and coach you, but you still don’t want to allow what they have to say to change your beliefs. But this is a topic for another time. Today I am writing about beliefs.

Jesus said, “It is done unto you as you believe.” He did not say perhaps it will happen. He did not say sometimes it is done. He did not say it is done if you are a white male age 30 – 40. He said to ALL humankind that “it is done unto you as you believe.”

When Jesus spoke these words, he was stating a Universal Law, a law that works all of the time just like gravity. Yes, 100% of the time it is done unto you as you believe. So the next question is precisely what do you believe?

Henry Ford said, “ Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right.” So what is it that you think about? What do you believe? What do you talk about most? What do you joke about? The Universe hears all of it and since we live in a vibrational Universe what we put out is what we ALWAYS get back.

What do you spend your time thinking, and talking about? Many of us spend our time thinking thoughts of lack. We judge others harshly for not living up to our expectations. We think and talk about all the “bad” things that we believe are happening. And the media does not help. If you watch TV, read the newspaper, or get on social media you are bombarded with hateful, negative messages all the time.

We have also been taught that life is supposed to be a struggle to the finish. We are taught that our job is supposed to be our daily grind. The harder you struggle and the more you sacrifice, the better. And best of all you must fight your way to the top.

After we spend our time believing this negativity, we wonder why things aren’t going our way? We ask ourselves why does life have to be so hard?

Here is the good news. YOU get to choose how you want to live. You can change what you have been taught to believe because a belief is only something that someone keeps thinking. SO CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS!!!

Starting today look for the good in everything. I know this won’t change for you overnight so be patient. You have been using your stinkin-thinkin for a long time so give yourself some time to make some changes. Start to be aware of your thoughts and your words. At first, you may feel as if you have nothing to say to anyone because you are so used to saying negative things. But be kind to yourself. When you hear something negative come out of your mouth, or you become aware that you are thinking negative thoughts hug yourself and do your best to change things up. It is essential that you love yourself through this process.

There is a Spiritual power that is ALWAYS willing to serve you. This power (whatever name you choose to call it) loves you more than you can imagine. It is always on your side. And best of all it resides right inside of you. So anytime that you need help all you need to do is ask.

So isn’t it time to start believing that things are always working out for you? Isn’t it time to think that everything that you want is coming your way and when you are ready to receive what you want it will manifest. Isn’t it time to start believing that money is ALWAYS finding it’s way into your pockets? Most importantly isn’t it time to remember that you are loved more than you can ever imagine just because you are you.

Do yourself a favor and try this new way of thinking until it turns into your new belief system. I suggest that you start a journal and write down your observations. Try thinking thoughts of perfect health, prosperity, love, kindness, and joy. Remember that you are connected directly to the Source that creates Universes, and EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR YOU. I believe with all my heart and Soul that if you walk this walk and make it your new belief system, you will see changes that will astound you. It is true my friend, “It is done unto you as you believe.”

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