Wake Up Each Morning With A Grateful Heart!

Wake up each_001I love Pennsylvania’s weather in March! You can go outside in the morning needing your heavy winter coat, gloves and hat and by noon, you can need a hoodie or even a tee shirt. You just never know what you will get with the weather in March! This always reminds me that I do not have control over the things that happen in my life. What I do have control of is my attitude and how I choose to look at things. Do I choose to let them get me down and unhappy, or do I choose to find the good, the “God” in everything and choose to be joyful? I Choose to find the JOY! ¬†~ Carol A. Briney is an in demand International, ¬†Inspirational Speaker, Author, and #1 Rated Podcast Host, She resides in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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