Some Thoughts on Orlando and The World.

Angel Peace_001I can not get angry enough, sad enough, mean enough, upset enough, or worried enough to help the people of Orlando.
What will work is for me to pray and send loving light and energy to Orlando as well as the entire world. It is also crucial for me to keep my thoughts on love, kindness, and compassion for everyone. When I succumb to hate for other’s no matter who they might be, all I achieve is adding more hate to the word.
All religious prophets, no matter what the religion you look at taught love, compassion and kindness when they walked this earth.
It is man’s interpretation of the religion that causes so many problems. So do your own gut check, look inside of yourself and find what feels right to you. You, my friend, are a Divine being having an earthly experience. You have your very own connection to the Divine. Use it daily and stop following the herd just because that is the way someone told you it should be.
So as I sit here today I am sending thoughts of love, understanding, and kindness to all and I encourage you to do the same. Do not turn to the dark side of hate, fear, and anger. Stay with the light. Namaste’ ~ Carol A Briney

~ Carol A Briney is an international motivational speaker, a spiritual trainer, an author and a #1-rated podcast host. She joyfully resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  CarolABriney.com

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