It’s Time To Remember Just How Worthy You Are! – Motivational and Inspirational Speaker Carol A Briney

I was on FaceBook this morning and saw a couple of articles stating that we need to fix this and we need to fix that. One was an article on why people litter and how to fix it. There was also a meme on rich people and why they should share their money. The last meme I saw was on giving more handouts to people who have been taught that they can’t do things for themselves.

All of the above topics have one thing in common, and that my friend is self-worth. YOUR belief in the fact that YOU are a Divine Being having a human experience and that YOU are worthy beyond your wildest dreams.

It is time that we start realizing that giving people handouts is not ever going to fix any of the above challenges. The only thing that handouts create is a person who believes that they are less than and can’t do things for themselves. The more handouts people get, the more this feeling is ingrained in their beliefs.

What is needed is to start teaching people, ALL PEOPLE, that they are worthy and loved beyond all measure. We need to help people to remember who they are. When we came into this world we knew how loved and cherished we are but well-meaning people taught us to believe what they were taught and thus our self-worth disappeared.  Believing in our own self-worth is a game changer.

Jesus said, “It is my father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” He did not say that it is my father’s good pleasure to give a few specific people the kingdom he said YOU! So who and what does that leave out of the mix? It means all people and all things. It means that YOU are worthy, YOU are unique, and YOU matter. It means that this world would not be the same without YOU in it.

Now before you send me lots of negative notes and tell me that I am teaching selfishness let me say that yes, I know that I am teaching people to care for themselves first because that is the only way that anyone can change anything. The only real power we have is over ourselves. I do believe in sharing the wealth with others; I love the feeling of giving, helping, and teaching. But I know this, words don’t teach. The only thing that teaches is actions. We teach others by how we choose to live. I know that I cannot get angry enough, hurt enough, sad enough, sick enough, or broke enough to help someone else for the long term. How we can help others is by remembering how worthy, cherished, and loved we are and choosing to be as happy, prosperous, and joyful as we possibly can allow ourselves to be.

When I allow myself to shine in my self-worth, I send light out to others. I treat people better, and I am more caring. When I treat myself with love and allow loving thoughts to be my guide, I give the world the best part of me. When I give to the world from my best then, and only then, can I make a lasting difference.

In closing, remembering who you are, taking care of yourself, and your feelings first, is the only way to make positive changes in the world. When people feel worthy of all the good, this world has to offer; they will stop littering because they know they are worthy of a clean environment. When people feel worthy, they know that they can have anything that sets their Soul on fire, so they don’t need to hoard money or things. When people know their worth and know that it is our father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom, they are kinder and gentler people, willing to share. They know that we all live as one and can have what we want. We don’t have to compete, hurt others or steal.

If for some reason you can’t accept the fact that you are worthy beyond all of your dreams, I will be here to hold that vision for you until you can see it too.

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