In Light Of The Recent Events In Paris And Around The World.

People take different roads_001In light of recent events in Paris and around the world it is now more important than ever that we ALL practice kindness, compassion, and tolerance every moment of every day.

Talking about our hearts breaking, and how terrible some people are is just adding fuel to the fire and creating more and more negative energy.
No one can get sick enough, mad enough, hurt enough or sad enough to help with terrorism and hate. The way to fix the problem is to call on love, not fear.
Live your life with love and compassion.

Choose a path (or not) that moves you closer to the Divine and allow other’s to do the same. Send out prayers of love and light to the entire world. No matter which religion you believe, or even if you don’t believe but simply live a compassionate life, we can all manifest peace into our lives if we choose.

It is time that we ALL stop judging each other’s religious beliefs and forcing our beliefs on others. That my friend, is what is causing so much of this strife. Each belief out there teaches that it is the only way to eternal life. So it is OK for you to believe what feels right to you. The problem comes when we try to force others to believe the same. We are ALL on a different vibrational level. What feels right for one is not necessary right for another.

Allow each person to live their own personal bliss.

I am choosing to allow peace, love and light into this world today and always. I am praying that you do too!

I see and honor the “Divine” the good in you. Namaste”
~Carol A. Briney

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