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I Have A Vision

Carol BrineyI have a vision to manifest a kinder, more compassionate and giving world.

To help people to learn to listen to each other to understand and not just respond.

To help people learn to slow down and be mindful of the moments of their life, not just rush through always looking for what is next.

To remember that everyone is fighting their own demons and to choose to act with kindness and compassion towards all.

To learn that “more stuff” is not the answer to happiness.

I have a dream that the entire world will one day understand that there is but one Source of the Universe. This Source is called by many names, worshiped in many styles, and understood in many different ways.

In this vision, we all stop trying to prove that our way is the only way and learn that each person is different and we must all choose what feels right for us.

In this vision, we say I have found “MY WAY” not I have found “the way.”

If each person lives their life as the founder of their personal belief did when they walked on earth this world would radiate love, compassion, and peace.

Let us all put aside the “herd” thinking that mine is better than yours, or mine is the only way and live in the understanding that we are all Spiritual beings having a human experience. Our thoughts, beliefs, and actions do make a difference.

I cannot do this alone. Would you join me in helping to make my vision a reality?

Together we can make the world a kinder, gentler, and more joyful place.


Carol A. Briney

International Speaker, Author, and #1-Rated Podcast Host


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