How Do You Conquer Your Fears? – By Carol A. Briney – Inspirational Speaker and Mentor

Carol A. BrineyHow Do You Conquer Your Fears?

The acronym for fear is False – Evidence – Appearing – Real.

Fear can stop even the strongest people right in their tracks unless you make the decision to break on through it and do what needs to be done. The only true failure in life is not to attempt to do the things that you came here to do. You fail when you allow fear to rule your life and live in ways that are less than what the Divine has planned for you. All other “failure” is feedback so that you can learn a different way to do things.

Where does fear come from and why is it here? Fear is your ego’s way of trying to keep you safe. If you don’t attempt anything, you will never fail. If you don’t ever critically think things through you will always follow the herds thinking, and you won’t have to face criticism from anyone because you are thinking and acting just like they do.

So how do you conquer fear?

First and foremost, make fear your friend. Know and accept that fear will be a part of your journey in this world. Secondly, take some time to sit and visit with your fear and ask it what lesson it has to teach you. Most likely your fears will have a lot to teach you. Take those thoughts under advisement, as they are some of the best wisdom you will find. Think about what is the worst that can happen if you do what you are afraid to do? Most likely the worst things that can happen is that you will fail at what you are trying to do and oh my heavens people will talk about you or maybe even laugh at you. So what, what do you care about what people think? As my friend the great Bob Proctor says, “most people would rather die than think.” yet so very often we put our lives on hold so that people will not laugh or criticize us. The most important thing to remember here is that people who laugh and criticize are only doing it because you have made them uncomfortable with your willingness to try something new. They criticize you because you are doing what they are afraid to attempt.

The Source of this glorious universe would not give you a dream that you cannot have. So step up, step out and go for it!

Here is how I have learned to kick fear to the curb.

The best lesson and there have been many, that I have learned for kicking fear to the curb is to realize and fully accept that the Universe is ALWAYS rigged in my favor. Everything and I do mean everything that happens is for my best and highest good. I have learned to look for the “good” the “God” even in the stuff that I used to think was bad. I have learned that there is always a lesson for me in everything and I can choose to accept it or not. However, whether I accept it or not does not change the fact that it is still there.

I have learned to believe, really believe that the Source of this glorious universe is always working for me. It always has my back; It is always loving me, It is always providing for me. It is always teaching me. It is always loving me. It is always helping me. It is always showing me. It is always laughing with me. It is always lifting me. It is always inspiring me. It is always supporting me. It is always loving me……and on and on. Yes, my glorious friend, the Universe is ALWAYS. ALWAYS, ALWAYS there for you too!

Yes, the Universe is ALWAYS rigged in my favor (and yours too)! Knowing this allows me, (and you too) to bust right on through the fears. To stop worrying about what might happen and to start believing in the unlimited possibilities of life.

Repeat after me, “Thank you Source for being in my life and rigging the entire universe in my favor. All is well in my world, and so it is. I appreciate it all. Amen.”

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Until next time, I wish you love, joy, happiness and prosperity and the time to enjoy it all.

I am sending you all green lights!

Carol A. Briney

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