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In our second interview today, Carol Briney talks about Spiritual Prosperity. Intrigued?

If you ever feel like good things are happening to everyone but you, you won’t want to miss this. Carol’s a Keynote speaker with 30 years business success under her belt and a whole heap of wisdom about what it really means to create success, happiness and abundance, not to mention a wicked laugh!

Connection to your deepest desires AND allowing yourself to go for them? Heard it before? Not like this. Let Carol walk you through the steps that have shifted her life and the lives of many, many others. It’s no surprise she has a weekly following of over 15,000 and is an iTunes #1 Podcaster.

I loved the part when Carol talks about money and truth…it wasn’t what I was expecting. Have a listen yourself and think about your own situation right now…there’s a solution to it that’s right there. Use Carol’s tips and see how they can help you to get more wealth, abundance and happiness.

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