Do You Know That You Know?

New CAB logoA while ago I came across a book called “The Success Formula” by Bob Burg. It is a book that  I recommend you read.  The following story was a particular favorite.  Remember: Things start happening when you come to know that you know, because other people know that you know!
“Rabbi Yaakov Salomon tells the story of the lawyer arguing a case for his guilty client, who was on trial for murder.The one challenge in the prosecution’s case was that the body had never been found.  However, the abundance of expertly presented circumstantial evidence was more than compelling.  Everyone in the courtroom, juror included, knew that the man was guilty so in his closing argument, the clever defense attorney decided to go for broke.

He pointed grandly toward the courtroom doors and declared, “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury:  In exactly 60 seconds, the so-called corpse, the man you believe to be dead, is going to come walking in right through those very doors.  We can being counting now.

The time ticked by: one second, two seconds, three seconds, ten seconds, 20 seconds, 45 seconds, 55 seconds, 56, 57, 58, 59.and then, at exactly the one-minute mark, in walked.nobody at all.  Certainly not the corpse.

The lawyer addressed the puzzled jury: “Ladies and gentlemen-I apologize.  I told you something that obviously did not come true.  However, the mere fact that you looked at the doors as you did showed me and shows you that you had some measure of doubt.  And, of course, if you have any doubt, any doubt at all, you must you must return a verdict of Not Guilty.”

And with a triumphant flourish, he returned to his seat.

The jury went into deliberations and just five minutes later came back out to render their verdict.  The foreman stood up, faced the judge, and said they declared the defendant.guilty!

The defense attorney was enraged.  “How could you?!” he demanded.  “I saw all of you watching that door!”

The foreman replied, “Yes, sir, you are correct: we were, in fact, watching the door.  But we were also watching you and your client and you did not watch the door.  Your client did not watch the door, not even for a moment.  And that’s because you both knew there was not a chance in the world that anyone would be walking through it.”

The lesson?  Don’t expect anyone else to believe something you don’t believe yourself!”

Do you believe if you truly do the work you can be successful?
Are you willing to step out in faith and allow your success to manifest?
If what you do for a living was suddenly considered a crime would you be doing enough to get you convicted?
Carol A. Briney – International Speaker, Author, #1 Rated Podcast Host and CEO of Unlimited Possibilites at Carol A. Briney International


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  1. How awesome of a story. Yes. We must believe in it before we can ‘sell’ it to others. It is more powerful and endures longer when we ourselves believe. Nice! Thank you.

    Congratulations on believing in yourself and growing into the woman you wanted to be because you were/are already her!!!! Great ‘stuff’. ! Have a nice day.

    Comment by Lisa Ungerer — June 17, 2015 @ 10:08 am

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