Connecting To Your Divine Spark! – With Carol A. Briney

Learn To Connect To The Divine Within

Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Place: UPMC Light House Point, 500 Chapel Harbor Drive,

Pittsburgh, Pa. 15238 (O’Hara Township) River Room

Donation: $5.00

The evening includes a spiritual power talk, guided meditation, & informal chat and snacks. Come and Find YOUR Divine Spark!

I Have A Vision ~ Carol A. Briney

I have been given a vision for this world. A vision that all people realize and accept their undeniable self-worth.
Where all people know and accept that they are unique, loved, and cared for beyond their wildest imagination.
A world where people understand and accept that they already have all they need to live a fabulous, glorious, delightful, loving, healthy and prosperous life inside of them.
A world where we all know that nothing missing, nothing is wrong with us.
A world where people know that “God / Source” is living through them and not outside of them.
A world where people open themselves up to the knowledge that each one of us is an individual expression of the Source of this glorious universe, and that we ALL have the same unlimited potential and possibilities.
A world where we all know that we came here to live a joyous and ever-expanding life.
A world where every person is allowing themselves to become what they are meant to be and not what others believe that they “should” be.
A world where each person knows in their heart that they are not sinners, they are not all of the negative stuff that they have been taught in order for man to control man. We each know and fully understand that we are a part of God and we have always been a part of God. You are a Divine Being, having a human experience.
In this vision, we all stop getting in the way of our Spiritual expansion and permit ourselves to connect to the Divine within.

I share this vision with you and ask that if you see it too come and join us to uncover the secrets to living the life that you came here to enjoy.

If you are challenged by seeing the Divine inside of yourself, I will be here to hold that vision for you until you can see it too.

Let us all shine our lights so brightly that others can see their way out of the darkness too.

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