Unity Church

Unity Church

Bi Polar Association

Carol’s speaking style is direct, yet fun and entertaining. She shared a lot of wonderful ideas and practical wisdom at our convention. Carol does not only inspire you; she actually makes you believe that you can simplify your life. ~ Daniel Mendelson, Program Director – Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

MS Society

“Carol is a dynamic, engaging speaker and her message to  “Slow Down To Power Up, hits a cord with both men and women.  We all can benefit from her advice, embrace her philosophy and begin to lead a more joyful life.  She touched the hearts and minds of 220 guests at the 2015 Women on […]

Site Nite

Carol is a strong communicator with the ability to speak about Spirituality and other complex subjects in a way that people truly understand. ~ Reginia Rivers, Founder – SiteNite

Allegheny Valley Hospital

Carol, I wish I had one of my old critique sheets with me on Wednesday night when you spoke at the Allegheny Valley Hospital Hope Group. To be very honest, you would have scored a “10” in every category. Starting with your introduction to your topic, it was quick and to the point. From there […]

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