Allegheny Valley Hospital

aghCarol, I wish I had one of my old critique sheets with me on Wednesday night when you spoke at the Allegheny Valley Hospital Hope Group. To be very honest, you would have scored a “10” in every category. Starting with your introduction to your topic, it was quick and to the point. From there you contacted your audience very quickly. You involved them immediately. They new right away you were talking to them and you made some of them feel like you were speaking to them individually. Then you transferred the involvement of one person to the entire audience. That is a trick that not everyone can pull off. You never spoke over their heads. You kept your subject in terms they could understand. I could go on and on but there are other points to discuss. Your notes were available but never in the way.

I have a habit of looking at the audience at the Hope meetings. I like to see who is doing what when we are listening to a speaker.

Sometimes you see people doodling on paper, some are whispering to one another and some just look exceeding bored. Your audience was on the edge of their seats the whole time you spoke. Now the only problem I had with your program was it ended too soon. I could have listened for another 15 or 20 minutes. But a famous entertainer once said, you should always end a little bit early. That way people will want to come back for more. IT WAS A WONDERFUL PROGRAM; PERHAPS THE BEST WE EVER HAD THERE.

~ William A. Simback, Allegheny Valley Hospital – Hope Group

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