Allowing Others To Choose Their Own Path To The Divine

Universal Order Pictures 019Yes, I believe in and respect Christian values – but I don’t call myself a Christian.

Yes, I meditate daily and respect the Buddhist philosophy – but I do not call myself a Buddhist.
Yes, I love and respect the deep roots of the Jewish faith – But I do not call myself a Jew.
Yes, I love connecting with Source in nature. I love the joy, simplicity and abundance of it all. But I do not call myself a Pagan.
Yes, I love the word Namaste’ and what it represents – but I do not call myself a Hindu.
And Yes, I respect the teachings of Jehovah, Rama, Vishnu, Krishna, Ram Das, Allah, and all the others – But I don’t label myself with these beliefs either.
I am a Divine Being having a human experience; I respect the right for everyone to find their authentic connection to Source (or not) in their own way.
I know that what I believe and how I label myself does not make me a better person. My thoughts and actions do that. I believe that when we ALL learn to close the gap on what our religious beliefs are, and how we act, the entire world will benefit. Labeling ourselves as one thing or another so often tends to separate us and cause feelings of mine being better than yours. No one is better than another in the eyes of the Divine.
It is my prayer that we all learn that Spirituality or even lack of it is simply a personal choice. The right choice for one is not necessarily the right choice for another. Each person needs to discern what their personal truth is for themselves. Once we do that and find our true connection, we will feel hope and joy. We will feel unstoppable once we realize just how connected we are to our Source and how much power our thoughts and feeling have to create our life. When this happens, there is no telling how many people we might inspire and serve just by daring to be ourselves.
Carol A Briney
Carol A Briney is a Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Trainer and Author. She joyously resides in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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