Carol A. Briney – Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Trainer, and Podcast Host – Speaking Schedule That Is Open To The Public

Date: April 16, 2019 Topic: The Power Of Gratitude Place: Vanadium Woods -UPMC Senior Center Bridgeville, Pa. Time: 2:30pm ***************************************************** Date: April 23, 2019 Topic: The Power Of Gratitude Place: Strabane Trails Village – UPMC Senior Center Washington, Pa. Time: 2:30pm

Is Your Personal Story Holding You Back? A Podcast By Spiritual Speaker Carol A. Briney

  Is Your Personal Story Holding You Back? In today’s episode of the Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities Podcast, Inspirational Speaker Carol A. Briney explains why your personal story might be holding you back from living your dreams and what you can do about it if you are so motivated.  Please take a minute to rate and […]

Carol A. Briney

A Shout – Out To Mandi Pryor and MP Marketing and PR – Whiskey and Words Event

A Shout Out To Mandi Pryor and her Pittsburgh area event last night, Whiskey and Words. The event was so much fun. I met a lot of interesting people; The Mary Ann Mangini Trio was FABULOUS, Burgh Bites Food Truck was delicious, Wigle Whiskey was a great venue Oh, and yes, I sold a bunch […]

Words Cannot Hurt You ~ Carol A. Briney

This is an extremely POWERFUL message and when we “get it” we reduce the mental pain in our lives tenfold. You are perfect in the Divines’ eyes. You are a part of the Divine, how could you be any less than perfect? Stop letting what other people think run your life. You are loved more […]

The Book Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities – A Handbook For Life – Life Changing

Every once in awhile a book is written that speaks right to your soul. Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities is one of those books. This handbook is full of down to earth wisdom and useful insights that invite you to open your heart and mind to your authentic self. Carol A. Briney’s conversational style of writing […]

Do You Live Your Life Like A Zombie?

Do you live your life like a zombie going from day to day and never noticing what is going on around you? When you live like that, your life becomes one big blur with no meaning. So today, if you choose, stop and notice what is going on around you in your life. Take the […]

You Are Limitless Potential

We are ALL Divine beings having an Earthly experience.  All things are possible for us. And by that, I do mean ALL THINGS.  If what you want brings you happiness and fills your heart with joy then you can have it. Yes, there might be some fear. Heck, there might even be big whopping amounts of fear.  But […]

Carol A. Briney is a Dynamic, Engaging Speaker.

“Carol is a dynamic, engaging speaker and her message to  “Slow Down To Power Up, hits a cord with both men and women.  We all can benefit from her advice, embrace her philosophy and begin to lead a more joyful life.  She touched the hearts and minds of 220 guests at the 2015 Women on […]

It Is All How You Choose To Look At Life.

It’s all in how you choose to look at life. Everything is possible if it feels natural to you and makes your Soul soar! Remember to affirm the life you choose to live before you get out of bed in the morning. Today is going to be the best day of my life so far! […]

Do You Have Any Idea What You Are Truly Capable Of?

Do you have any idea what you are truly capable of? Trust yourself, go ahead and take a baby step, heck, take a big whoppin leap! You are loved beyond all measure.  Go for it!  Have fun!  You are only limited by your own beliefs.   ~ Carol A. Briney is an international, inspirational, motivational […]

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