An Interview with Bonnie Hassan, Reiki Master, Medium, Channel and Psychotherapist on the Embracing Your Unlimited Possibility Podcast with, Carol A. Briney

Bonnie Hassan is a Reiki Master, a medium, a channel and a psychotherapist and overall lovely and caring and sharing lady. She has been practicing her crafts for over fifteen years. Bonnie believes that in order to change the world, we must first change ourselves. Please join Carol A. Briney today to hear Bonnie’s enlightening […]

An Interview With Spiritual Medium Carole Obley – Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities

Welcome ┬áSpiritual Medium, Author, and Teacher Carole Obley to ┬áthe Embracing Your Unlimited Possibility Show. You can listen her interview at any of the following: – just click the links below. You can find the show on iTunes Stitcher Radio Or on my website – CarolABriney.com

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