Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? – Carol A. Briney Election 2020

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It is election time again.  If you know me, I never get involved in talking negatively about any particular political candidates, however as I feel the energy of others, I think it is time to share some Spiritual wisdom about elections and life.  When you turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or go on any social media, you can’t help but hear or read about people that are not happy with one or another candidate. Not only are they unhappy, they are also spouting off, name-calling, and overall acting extremely unspiritual.

I have even heard many Spiritual leaders and people that I respect name-calling and saying derogatory remarks lately.  So today, I remind everyone that there is a Spiritual Law called the Law of Attraction.  This law works exactly like the Law of Gravity.  It plays no favorites and it is ALWAYS at work.

The Law of Attraction gives you what you think about most, whether you want it or not.  Yes, I said whether you want it or not.  So, what is it that you are thinking about and talking about?  Are you calling people names? Are you worried that this world is going to hell in a handbasket? Are you posting negative things about people on social media? Are you spouting negative remarks to others because they disagree with you?

Are you full of dread that the wrong candidate may win?

It is crucial to keep in mind that hateful words are still hateful words regardless of how righteous you think your opinion is.

It is with all due respect I offer you these words.  Isn’t it time to start thinking about what you would like to see in this world instead of what you don’t like?  Isn’t it time to talk about what is right in the world instead of what is wrong?  Since the Law of Attraction is working in all of our lives, would it not be prudent to concentrate on people’s strengths and not their weaknesses?  What if we all spent our time thinking about a country that is thriving. A country where all people are equal and know just how very worthy, they are.  And Lastly, a country where each person treated everyone as they would like to be treated.

Remember, we all came from the same Source.  The same Source that created this glorious universe. We are all made from pure love. We all breathe the same air, and we all are way more alike than we are different.

Before you start sending me letters about how it is not acceptable to bury your head in the sand and be a Pollyanna, I am not suggesting that.  Strangely enough, I sometimes get letters telling me that God wants this or that, and it is my/your responsibility to correct people so that they lead a Godly life and make God happy. My question to you is, how do you know what God is thinking or what he/she wants?  Just imagine the Source of this universe not knowing what it is doing?  Really now, you and I are not smarter than the Divine, and we only know what other humans have told us over the years.  Yes, even the “good books” of all religions have been written and transcribed by humans, so their particular spin/beliefs were placed on everything.

Each person has come to this classroom that we call Earth to learn and joyously expand their life. If we choose to accept it, our job on this Earth is to stay in our own car, in our own lane, and grow and joyously expand. The only person that you have any control over is YOU. So, would it not be in everyone’s best interest to remember who you truly are and spread love, kindness, and compassion instead of hate?  As Gandhi stated, “BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WISH TO SEE.”

I offer the challenge to try living this way.  Concentrate on the good you see in people, celebrate the differences, and remember that we’re all created in the image and likeness of the Divine and when you speak or write hateful, negative words about anyone, you are saying it about God and his/her creation.

Until next time, I wish you love, joy, happiness, and prosperity and the time to enjoy it all.

I am sending you all green lights!

Carol A. Briney

Carol A Briney is an international motivational speaker, a spiritual trainer, an author, and a #1-rated podcast host. She joyfully resides in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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