How Do You Conquer Your Fears? – By Carol A. Briney – Inspirational Speaker and Mentor

How Do You Conquer Your Fears? The acronym for fear is False – Evidence – Appearing – Real. Fear can stop even the strongest people right in their tracks unless you make the decision to break on through it and do what needs to be done. The only true failure in life is not to […]

It Is All About You! – Learning To Love Yourself Tele-Workshop

It is All About YOU! A Workshop To Learn How To Love Yourself! Because Creating A Great Life ALL Starts With You! Join us for an 8-week (pilot program) teleconference right from the comfort of your home. You will be ecstatic that you choose to join us for this fun, informative, and sometimes intense 8-week […]

Feed Your Brain, Feed Your Soul Prepare Yourself For Success!

There is still time to sign up for THE WEALTH MINDSET EXPERT SERIES There is A LOT of great information from successful people. Read down further to see the information about my interview! Feed Your Brain! Feed Your Soul! Move Out of your own way and create success for the new year! Grab your free […]

Just Imagine What 7-Billion People Could Do…..

It all starts with you and me! Be kinder than necessary today. Give to someone who has no chance of giving back to you. Do random acts of kindness. Forgive others. Be compassionate. Allow people to be who they are without you trying to “fix” them. We can make a difference with our thoughts and […]

If You Want A Peaceful World…

If you want a peaceful world You must choose to be a peaceful person. It all starts within.

Carol A. Briney Is Speaking At SiteNite – Slow Down To Power Up! Public Welcome!

SITE NITE in Pittsburgh, Pa Inspirational Speaker – Carol A. Briney Will Be Speaking Topic: Slow Down To Power Up! Open To The Public! Where: First United Methodist Church, 5401 Center Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15232 Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2015 Time: 7:00pm Fee: $5.00 In this classroom that we call earth, we have been taught […]

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