It Is Only A Mistake If You Quit

Mistakes Are Simply Stepping Stones In today’s episode of the Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities Podcast, Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Spiritual Trainer, Carol A. Briney shares some life- changing information about why it is so important to not fear mistakes and failures. She goes on to explain why both, are prerequisites to getting what you want. […]

Releasing The Year 2020 With Ease and Grace – A Podcast by Carol A Briney

In today’s episode of the Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities Podcast, Author, Podcast Host, and Spiritual Trainer Carol A. Briney shares 10- minutes on why it is so important to release the year 2020 with ease and grace. To Hire Carol To Speak, Train, or Consult For Your Conference, Business, Retreat, Woman’s Group or To Work […]

I Will Greet This Day With Love In My Heart – Og Mandino

I WILL GREET THIS DAY WITH LOVE IN MY HEART! And how will I speak? I will praise my enemies, and they will become my friends, I will encourage my friends, and they will become my brothers. Always I will dig for a reason to applaud and never attempt to criticize; I will bite my […]

Keynote Speech For 40th Reunion – Highlands Highschool Class of 1976

Hello Everyone, First off, I would like to ask the committee ladies that are responsible for this lovely event to stand so that we might thank them with a round of applause. And for those of you who were at River Forrest last night, I heard that Andy out did himself entertaining you. Many don’t […]

Do You Know That You Know?

A while ago I came across a book called “The Success Formula” by Bob Burg. It is a book that  I recommend you read.  The following story was a particular favorite.  Remember: Things start happening when you come to know that you know, because other people know that you know! Enjoy: “Rabbi Yaakov Salomon tells […]

Another Great Review of My Book Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities – A Handbook For Life

Another Lovely Review of my book Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities on Amazon.com  and BarnesandNoble.com “Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities” by Carol A. Briney is an awesome book chockful of information, thoughts, ideas and exercises to help you get to the real you; to live your best life from a place of Divine connection and love. Her wisdom, […]

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