People Don’t Need To Be Rescued, Fixed or Saved

People Don’t Need To Be Rescued, Fixed, or Saved What They Need Is Knowledge of Their Own Power and How To Access It.  We are ALL far more powerful that we realize. Carol teaches this through keynotes, breakout sessions, conferences, women’s groups, and personal mentoring.  Carol A. Briney is an International Motivational Speaker, Author, and #1-Rated […]

Acting with Empathy and Kindness

So often, we blame the other guy.  If only they would stop…. If they would do……..If they would think……..If they would be more loving…… If they would be more tolerant.  If they……If they….If they……  It is our turn to step up  and make the difference.  It is our turn to act in kindness and love. […]

Stop Waiting Until Things Are Perfect!

Do you find yourself waiting for conditions to be perfect?  STOP, things will never be perfect.  Start living the life you came to this planet to live TODAY!  Do it now! No matter what else is going on, STOP, take a chance.  You are here to shine your light!  Allow it to happen! 

The Temptation To Quite

The temptation to quit will ALWAYS be the greatest just before you are about to succeed. You can do it! You are on the earth to live a joyful, happy, life.  You have the power to create anything that you want.  Stay your course. Everything happens when the time is right.   CarolABriney.com

It Is My Intent

It is my intent to walk through this world and leave a trail of peace and love behind me.  May I leave all that I touch with a smile, loving thoughts, and positive energy to accept or deny as they see fit.   Namaste’  Carol A Briney

Inspiration In You In-Box – CarolABriney.com January 8, 1015

Happy 2015 First things first. I believe that it is appropriate to start the first newsletter of the new year out with my thanks and gratitude to you for supporting Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities and Carol A Briney International. The launch of the book has been exciting and caused a flurry of lovely activity and […]

Attention Last Minute Shoppers! – Signed Books Make Lovely & Thoughtful Gifts

Attention Last Minute Shoppers! Signed Books Make Lovely and Thoughtful Gifts! Come To The Red Engine Press Book Signing and Sales Event on Dec. 20, 2014 Papa Gallo’s Restaurant 1597 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, Pa. 15017 And Carol A. Briney  -Speaker, Author, CEO of Unlimited Possibilities and Self Proclaimed Spiritual and Personal Growth Junkie will be […]

How To Have A Stress Free Holiday! CarolABriney’s Blog

Welcome to the Inspiration For Your Life Blog The newsletter that reminds you that you are on this earth to shine! If you like our newsletter and find it helpful please forward it to friends, family, and business associates. By doing so you help us to grow and serve you better. We are grateful you […]

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