Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.

Your inner being will NEVER let you down. The challenge is to get quiet enough to hear it. Sometimes the most important thing you can do is be still and “Know that I am God.” You will get an idea of what action to take next. Take it without hesitation. Trust in the process and […]

Conquer Your Clutter – By Carol A. Briney – Inspirational Speaker, Author and Mentor

In today’s episode of the Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities Podcast, Carol A. Briney shares some quick, easy and practical tips on how to conquer the clutter in your home. To Listen To This Fun, Informative, and Thought Provoking Podcast Click on One of the Links Below. Itunes Stitcher CarolABriney.com To Hire Carol To Speak or […]

I Will Greet This Day With Love In My Heart – Og Mandino

I WILL GREET THIS DAY WITH LOVE IN MY HEART! And how will I speak? I will praise my enemies, and they will become my friends, I will encourage my friends, and they will become my brothers. Always I will dig for a reason to applaud and never attempt to criticize; I will bite my […]

Carol A. Briney

10 – Ways To Create A Life That You Love

Ten- Ways to Create A Life That you Love! Carol A. Briney is an inspirational speaker, spiritual trainer, and #1 rated podcast host. She joyfully resides in Pittsburgh, Pa. USA To learn more about her and how she might help you go to www.CarolABriney.com If You Would Like To Learn More About Embracing YOUR Unlimited […]

Keynote Speech For 40th Reunion – Highlands Highschool Class of 1976

Hello Everyone, First off, I would like to ask the committee ladies that are responsible for this lovely event to stand so that we might thank them with a round of applause. And for those of you who were at River Forrest last night, I heard that Andy out did himself entertaining you. Many don’t […]

Transform Your Life From Ordinary to Extraordinary – A Teleseminar

Transform Your Life From Ordinary To Extraordinary An eight week, life changing, teleseminar with motivational speaker, spiritual trainer, and #1-rated podcast host Carol A. Briney This seminar will meet from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm Eastern time on Wednesdays June 1st, June 8th, June 15th, June 22nd, June 29th, July 6th, July 13th, July 20th. […]

Carol A. Briney is a Dynamic, Engaging Speaker.

“Carol is a dynamic, engaging speaker and her message to  “Slow Down To Power Up, hits a cord with both men and women.  We all can benefit from her advice, embrace her philosophy and begin to lead a more joyful life.  She touched the hearts and minds of 220 guests at the 2015 Women on […]

Follow Your Bliss! Do What Makes Your Heart Happy

Follow your bliss! Do what makes your heart happy. It is time that we all stop just following and do what we came here to do. Don’t worry about what other’s might say. If what you are doing is making your Soul sing then you are going the right thing for you and the world! […]

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