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For today, I have a bit of a rant. Well, maybe even more than a bit. Perhaps it is full-on ranting!

I have spoken, or in some other way been part of at least ten “conversations” in the last few days where people or charities are asking for donations. First let me say I am ALL for helping others. I believe that that is what we are on this earth to do. I also believe that personal giving and business giving are two separate issues. And this rant is about business giving.


I had a conversation with the head of one of my favorite charities (this was the icing on the cake that caused this rant.) They once again asked me to help with the charity. As we were speaking, they told me about someone who was sick, and they told me that they sent them flowers. Then we talked about donations for their event. They asked me if I could get the florist who donated flowers to the event last year to donate again. I asked, did you use them to send the flowers to the sick person? They said, “no,” Target was cheaper. So I in frustration asked; what has Target given to your event? Of course, they said nothing. People, People, People. I can not stress the importance of buying local and supporting the businesses that you are asking for donations from.

As I said, this is just one of the events that I have been party to in the last few days. What are we thinking? Why is it not second nature for ALL of us to support our local shops and businesses? I understand that sometimes it is not convenient to use someone local for one reason or another. But I am saying let all keep local business top of mind. Make it a habit to shop there when possible. AND if that business is supporting you in any way, and especially if they are donating to your charities, be sure to remember to support them a few times a year as a way to say “Thank You.”

It is a fallacy that just because you own your own business you have plenty of money. Yes, many times this is the case. But many times that is not the case at all. Small businesses pay more for just about everything they sell. Self-employed people pay more taxes on many things. If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times. “Oh, they shouldn’t worry about it-they can write it off.” I am telling you from someone who has been an entrepreneur all her life. “You need to make the money before you can write it off!!!”

I know that many self-employed people and small businesses want to help out with charity, but it is OUR responsibility to be sure that we are supporting them too.

So in closing this rant I ask you to keep others in mind when you ask for donations and help. Small business owner and entrepreneurs get asked for donations hundreds of times a year. If they say “yes” to your request be sure to get them as much recognition as possible so that people will know where the money/gift came from and encourage people to shop there or work with that person. If they say “no,” be respectful that they too have budgets, to keep, bills to pay and families to feed.
I appreciate you thinking about this, and perhaps even sharing it with others.
Have a Happy and Prosperous Day!

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