Do You Suffer From Imposter Syndrome?

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February 20, 2015


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Do You Suffer From Imposter Syndrome?

Impostor syndrome is often described as feelings of inadequacy and be not worthy of success. Most people are affected by these type of thinking at some point in their life. We look at successful people and think, “they have it all together. They are so lucky. Of course, good things can happen for them, look who they are. They were born in an upscale place, they have a college education, they are beautiful, they are…….they have……” Then we end these thoughts with unlike me I am stupid, uneducated, too fat, too thin, too young, too old. The important thing to know here is that these thoughts and feeling can persist, even though, there is tons of evidence to the contrary.

What keeps us stuck in this syndrome? Some of the feelings we might have are feeling like we don’t belong, fear of being “found out” fear of being “unmasked” fear of being successful and not deserving it. I know of what I speak here. I have suffered from imposter syndrome more than once in my life. If you have read my book Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities – A Hand Book For Life, you will know my story. In the book, I come clean about all of my fears and worries concerning imposter syndrome. The entire time I was thinking about writing the book I stopped myself by saying “ who would want to read what I write?” Ha, was I proved wrong. So far, thousands of people have read the book and have given it lovely, positive reviews. I learned just how unfounded and erroneous my imposter beliefs were.

What is important to know about imposter syndrome is that it is ALL taught to us by the people in our tribes, the people around us in everyday life and the media. I believe that our families and teachers meant well, they just spouted off what they were taught without ever giving it any thought. The media, now that can be a different story. The media exists to create controversy and feelings of fear and inadequacy. We are not “good” little boys and girls if we do not act a certain way. Other people can have money but who do you think that you are? Money is not for you/us. We are taught that we are less than and not worthy in so many ways. That my friends, is where impostor syndrome gets its start. After the seed has been planted we simply pile on and pile on by repeating these erroneous ideas to ourselves until they become our beliefs.

So what can we do about imposter syndrome? First off, we can make the decision to kick believing that we are less than to the curb. Starting today, we can realize that we all have the power to live the life that we choose to live. We can stop settling for good enough. The Source of the great and wondrous universe does not like any of us better than another. If one person can have something, we can too.

Today we can look ourselves in the eye (this is called mirror work.) Stand or sit in front of a mirror and tell yourselves how lovely, beautiful, smart, fabulous, exciting, happy, joyful, prosperous, kind, giving, talented and loved that you are. Give yourself all of the compliments that you would like to hear from others. Say them over and over again. Do this every day for the rest of your life. It will change your thoughts. It will change your life.

We ALL have the best seat in the house concerning our own life. We all can change our beliefs and thoughts about ourselves. Kicking impostor syndrome to the curb will take a bit of work. However, it is the best kind of work. It is the work you do to love yourself. To remind yourself that you are a Divine being here on this planet for a short time. You my friend, are a ROCK STAR and YOU can create the life of your dreams.

Until next time, I wish you love, joy, happiness and prosperity and the time to enjoy it all.

Carol A. Briney

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